Zero God

Published Date: February 10, 2016

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A secretive and influential foundation based in Washington D.C., led by a charismatic charlatan, seeks to bring to fruition an apocalyptic vision of the future based on its extreme religious views. To this end they have placed a Manchurian candidate into the political system, one who unbeknownst to them was involved in the rape culture of the Abu Ghraib prison controversy. An emotionally damaged small town lawyer stands in the way of national disaster.

Another masterpiece by Tommy Birk. I liked how descriptive the author was throughout the whole book. I felt the book started off great, finished great and was very entertaining throughout.

Believable…could this actually be happening in our country?…I hope not but I am sure it could. A political mystery…yes. A thriller…yes.

Zero God is a must read for mystery lovers.

Exciting book and builds on the author’s first book. Stands well on its own. Exciting and attention grabbing.

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