The Syrian

Published Date: November 1, 2014

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"FIVE STARS: Action-packed thriller--the perfect blend of romance, history and suspense."

"FIVE STARS: I've been a follower of Cathy Sultan's writing since the publication of her first book, A Beirut Heart. Always impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge of the truth about Mideast politics, I am fascinated by her venture into fiction with The Syrian, where all her understanding of the culture and the crazy, complex politics that dominate that part of the world comes together. It's wonderful reading with a story that intrigues, descriptions that introduce one to an enchanted city and a psychological study of two friends, their interactions, their desires and conflicts. I highly recommend it."

"FIVE STARS: Thriller with great characters. I lived this harrowing story with them, and I'm still feeling nervous. A first-rate political thriller."

"FIVE STARS: This novel is a page-turner. It takes you to places in the Middle East that we tend to associate mostly with uprisings and destruction. Sure, you get enough of that, too, but Cathy Sultan puts a human face on these events while at the same time regaling us with vivid depictions of scenery, architecture, and cultural traditions--down to detailed descriptions of local specialty dishes. Meanwhile, the plot keeps you in constant suspense. . . . While witnessing real Mid-eastern life in all its bright and dark colors, I finally begin to understand what's actually driving the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians."


A powerful contemporary novel of passion and betrayal set against the brutal and bewildering outbreak of the Israeli-Hezbollah war in Lebanon in 2006.

Nadia, a woman who has waited thirteen years for a husband who was “disappeared,” finally decides to declare him dead so she can marry an American physician, Andrew Sullivan. On the eve of her engagement party, her best friend Sonia, a well-connected war correspondent, rings to tell her that her husband may still be alive in a Syrian prison. Out to get Andrew for herself, Sonia draws in the powerful head of the Syrian secret police to help her in her Byzantine manipulations. Thus begins a series of dangerous plot twists that become increasingly bloody as Nadia attempts to rescue her husband, and the border conflict with Israel escalates.

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