The Devereaux Decision

Published Date: February 2, 2016

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The Devereaux Decision is the exciting third book in the Susquehanna Virus Series.

A group of fanatics has created a virus that could wipe out humanity. Retired secret agent Jeremiah Jones and the reformed cadets Curtik and Zora, who almost destroyed the world while under a compulsion, somehow have to stop the terrorists before the virus reaches a tipping point. The problem is, none of them know where to find Susquehanna Sally. Complicating matters, the genius Walt Devereaux has been stricken by the virus and a decision must be made – should they let him die or do whatever is necessary to save his mind? From Indonesia to London to Washington D.C., the race is on to save the world.

Meanwhile, a Chinese spaceship approaching Mars and the Escala colony refuses to acknowledge all efforts to communicate with it. Who is on that ship? And are their intentions hostile? Aspen is determined to discover the truth.

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