The Adversity Advantage

Published Date: May 10, 2017

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BASED ON A UNIQUE FIVE-YEAR STUDY of over 300 high- achieving men and women, The Adversity Advantage, uncovers how common and impactful childhood problems are for both sexes. Real and inspiring stories, insights and techniques for overcoming childhood misfortune, workplace benefits to hard-earned survival skills, and pivotal career decisions are described. In The Adversity Advantage, Jude Miller Burke, a psychologist and executive coach, reveals pathways to:

  • Overcome low self-esteem, shame, and workplace triggers
  • Understand your values and find your authentic voice
  • Improve boundaries, communication, and conflict negotiation skills
  • Connect your childhood to improve your leadership style
  • Understand the impact of an adult toxic relationship on your career

Regardless of your family background or childhood troubles, this is a book that should be read by all men and women who want to turn their childhood hardships into career and life success.

This is a very interesting book about how bad experiences from childhood and young adulthood can lead to behavior that holds you back in life. The author has both research and personal stories from successful people who have been able to overcome adversity and thrive. It is surprising to hear about how many people have risen above really terrible abuse and family disfunction. She gives tips and tools on how you can recover and become stronger and more successful despite past troubles. I guess we have all had problems in life, but now we have no more excuses!

Amazon Review: WGS

Honestly, I must start by saying that I am very resistant to “self-help” and motivational type books, but this book transcends those genres by far. The depth of research that went into this book is probably what sets it apart and allows it to offer truly meaningful insight — insight that can actually be applied in the real world. It has changed my thinking on a daily basis and has given me new ways to apply my life experiences to my working world. It’s so worth the read!

Amazon Review: Creative Jedi

ude Miller Burke gives fantastic insight into how experiencing adversity can affect the way you work. The book is based on a 5-year research study of wealthy and successful men and women and provides interesting anecdotes of individual’s personal experiences and the tools they used to overcome the negative. It is eye-opening and shares experience from all different backgrounds, races, and ethnicities, showing that no matter who you are or what adversity you have experienced, you can, with the tools explained in the book, overcome it all to be happy and successful! Definitely would be a great read for those who are fortunate enough to have not witnessed or experienced any extreme adversities as an adult as the book can help provide insight into your coworkers/employees behaviors and how you can be a more effective manager.

Amazon Review: Samantha Wessel

The Adversity Advantage reads just like a Malcolm Gladwell, but the text is more engrained in the psychology behind it in such a way that is easy and enjoyable for someone without a background in psychology like me to understand. The narratives within the book are personal and relatable. The book offers a look at our everyday tasks and obstacles and shares how we can address those in the best way possible while taking into account the mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses from the adversity we have faced. My favorite part about this book is that I feel it is more subtle in being a self-help book than most out on the market, which are very in your face about it. Dr. Miller Burke delicately provides advice for a range of scenarios that are commonly faced while respecting everyone’s human experience.

Amazon Review: Luke Powers

This is a remarkable book because it is extremely helpful both professionally and personally. Dr. Miller Burke weaves together meaningful research, poignant and powerful stories, useful self-assessments/lists and her decades of professional experience into a book that is very hard to put down. I wanted to keep reading, especially to learn from the personal stories of overcoming adversity from one’s early years. Dr. Miller Burke tells these stories in such an inspirational way that I found myself wanting to meet these people to learn even more. It is rare that a book can influence one in so many ways so quickly. This would be a helpful book for those who supervise others to provide perspective on how best to interact with co-workers or employees. I have given this book to my husband who intends to use it for an upcoming retreat he is leading – he believes it will enable a way to create a better team and for individuals to have the opportunity to assess their lives in pursuit of “living their best story”. Dr. Miller Burke has written a book that is very useful in the workplace and in one’s life. I highly recommend this book!

Amazon Review: Carol Dell

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