Calumet Editions is now considering manuscripts sent to Agents, please see the Literary Agents page.


Important information

Our mission at Calumet Editions LLC is to create a realistic option for ambitious authors to develop their careers parallel to mainstream publishing, while at the same time avoiding the sinkhole of self-publishing. All serious authors seek visibility for their works, which has hitherto been extremely difficult; we have discovered the solution to that problem through the development of our social media network.

Authors cannot buy their way into Calumet Editions. All books and authors are carefully vetted to make sure they fit comfortably into our philosophy. When we offer acquisition packages to authors, we customize them to: a) the author’s needs, and b) Calumet’s hopes of turning some profit through publishing. We use two models, all dependent on author participation in our marketing network of 4 million Twitter followers.

Traditional Model

10-20% royalties with no author investment. Publisher pays for all publishing costs.

Author Partnership Program

25-50% royalties with commensurate author investment of total book development costs. The full cost of our books, including marketing network set-up for authors, has  ranged from $5K to $20K. Thus, a book costing $10k to produce, would require a $5K author investment to recoup a 50% royalty. The only other costs are purchase of hard copies at 50% of cover price plus shipping (optional), and $10 per month (fixed cost) for an advanced Twitter account integrated with our Calumet Twitter Network of nearly 4,000,000 readers.

The editorial quality of the manuscript is essential to us since our profit margins are narrow, and, to make this new publishing method work, we want to do as little editing as possible. You have the best chance of acquisition if your manuscript is of the highest literary quality. If you feel you need help with this before submitting, feel free to contact us at for advice.

Submission guidelines

Please read the About section of our website to make sure you are the kind of author who fits the Calumet Editions profile of partnering and building author brand. Make sure you have read the Important information section above before submitting.

We cannot guarantee any particular response time to submissions, so please be patient as we process manuscripts on a first-come-first-served basis.

Initial submissions should consist of

  • a one-page cover letter, describing the book, its genre, and how the author would be willing to go about promoting it to a specified audience, and
  • a double-spaced 15-25 page sample from the book.

If Calumet Editions calls for the full book, the author will be asked to fill out an author/book prospectus, which will accompany a standard double-spaced manuscript in 12-point type (preferably New Times Roman). Word documents are acceptable for submission. Contact us at if you would rather submit a paper manuscript.