Submissions Open for “Near-Miss” Authors or Out-of-Print Books

Submissions Open for “Near-Miss” Authors or Out-of-Print Books

Calumet Editions is always interested in publishing partnerships with authors who have been put out of print, and those who have had perennial “near misses” with books lauded by their agents.

We understand how irrational and sometimes ‘cut-throat’ the publishing industry can be. That’s why Lindberg & Leask started Calumet Editions. We do not cut throats. We are here to help authors develop their brands and build a readership for their books.

If you have a terrific product but publishers have cited those sad old rejection excuses—you know the ones: “there are too many like it in the market,” or “there aren’t enough like it in the market”—the good news is that near misses or books going out of print do not doom you to self-publishing. Instead, you can talk to us. And so can your agent.

If we’ve been describing you or your books, explore a special partnering plan that can solve the problem. We call it “shared risk, shared reward”. It centers around a proprietary Calumet Twitter Network of nearly 4,000,000 readers, authors and industry leaders to whom we can instantly promote you and your newly published Calumet Editions work.

The old world of publishing, bookstore readings and big advances is dying a slow, painful death because of debilitating returns policies on the part of book stores, unfair focus on a few top authors by the big publishers, and a world-wide shrinkage in readership. This is the new reality, and we hate it, but we’re adapting by partnering with talented authors. We think this is the future for most serious authors.

If you’re curious, submit your manuscript to us at

SultanAndBooks“I brought my previously published books over to Calumet, and they also published my new novel. It was a smart move on my part. I love their huge Twitter network and their philosophies about the new world of publishing”.

Cathy Sultan, author of the acclaimed memoir Beirut Heart and the thriller The Syrian