Sinners Choice

Published Date: December 24, 2017

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Small towns like Oakton hide their secrets well, so carefully in fact that even an evil beast can hide in plain sight. When it shows its fangs, it is to terrorize the most innocent among the population. The beast’s victim, the beautiful and strangely innocent Kate Adams, has fallen in love with a handsome Israeli visitor; the beast thought she was in love with the local priest. First that effete priest and now this hairy Jew? When will it be my turn?

Kate Adams has recovered from her father’s murder, the stigma of his pedophilia, and the revelations of his hold over the townspeople. Her mother, Louise, embraces her hitherto hidden Jewishness, marries a rabbi, and now Kate has a baby brother. She finally feels loved and embraced by a real family. Even her problematic brother Dan, assistant chief of police, has finally accepted their mother in her new life.

Oakton was settled by the Gold family post-Civil War, with forty acres and a mule, except they acquired ten times and ten times more than forty acres. The Gold mansion is still standing, in need of repair and modernizing, because it is destined to become the new Temple Beth El. Which infuriates our evil beast: The Jews are winning. They must be stopped.

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