Rise of the Spring Tide

Published Date: October 26, 2017

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In 1603, a shepherd named Brigu places three strange orphans (Sagar, Faria and Shikha) with a religious congregation traveling to the New World. Among the congregation is a fire-haired young woman named Abigail with powers beyond the ordinary. Abigail’s care has been entrusted to Faria and Shikha, while Sagar has been instructed to ensure that the colony survives in this harsh land.

Four hundred years later, long after Abigail’s death, the three orphans, still young, seek to understand who they are and why they’re different from ordinary humans. In their quest to learn their origins, they combine the latest scientific methods with ancient mythology. Part thriller, part mystery, this novel explores humanity’s connection to nature and the cycles of death and rebirth that have defined our collective existence.

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