Now That I’m Here, What Should I Be Doing?

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The Guidebook for Discovering Life's Purpose

From time immemorial human beings have been wondering about the purpose of life on this earthly plane. In this book, the authors, a life coach and a psychotherapist, survey the scriptures of the world’s major religions—humanity’s common faith heritage—and identify coherent and surprising answers about:

· The ultimate purposes of life.

· The social, intellectual and spiritual growth patterns designed into life by an all-loving Creator.

· The nature of the tailored growth curriculum that exists for each person.

· How each person can harness the dynamics of growth in their personalized curriculum to better fulfill the purposes of life.

· The 5 forces that can expedite your growth journey.

· The 15 principles that can enable you to better manage the dynamics of change and growth.

4.9 out of 5 stars, 12 Amazon reviews.

I think about my life differently now than I did before I read this book. I also see another view of what purpose pain and difficulties may serve in life. I think this book will assist me in living a fuller, more courageous, more compassionate, more spiritually-aligned life.

 Nancy, Amazon Reviewer

Everyone, of whatever religious belief, should read this book. A road map for your spiritual journey, it gives guidance on how to achieve your purpose in life and many real-life examples that demonstrate this. How to walk the spiritual path, with guidance from Holy scripture of several different religions, is shown in this book. I also find it amazing how the authors got so much material from one piece of scripture that I have read many, many times through the years of my life and did not see.

 Amazon Reviewer

Are you a sincere soul seeking the pathway your Creator has destined for you through this life and in preparation for the world beyond? Bill and Jean Harley offer extraordinary elucidation on our spiritual nature as human beings and how our lifetime on earth, which they refer to as “the spiritual growth lab of life”, can promote the development of higher levels of understanding, being and acting.

Elizabeth A. Williams on Amazon

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If you have ever said, "Why is this always happening to me," this book is for you. Jean and Bill Harley have developed a system to help see challenges in a new way and to actually make the changes necessary to live a purposeful life. Through their use of concrete examples to illustrate the new concepts and terminology presented, it is clear that we are spiritual beings on a journey through this material world. I find myself thinking about these ideas and how to incorporate them into my life.

Judy Milston on  Amazon
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Theologian de Chardin said: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings have a human existence." What does it mean to be a spiritual being, and for what purpose were we called into being? The Holy Writings of all the major religions give us clues that can be pieced together to provide answers to those and other questions, should we choose to study and comprehend. This book is a guide to learning God's purpose for your life.

...a beautifully written book with guidance for our purpose of life. It is a book about personal transformation and transcendence over material existence... Especially meaningful were examples and Writings about suffering and trials, their purpose and necessity for spiritual growth. This is an important book that reassures any soul that our life has purpose and what we could do to enhance it.

Lea Iverson on Amazon

This is an uplifting, amazing book, which gets to the heart of transformation for a human being to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization, each facing our own individual journey in life. I look forward to their next book. Thank you.

 Amazon Reviewer

Do you wonder about the purpose of life?  The authors of this book survey the scriptures of the world’s major religions and identify surprising answers about God’s purpose for you.

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