Mothers Hurling Bricks

Published Date: October 26, 2016

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Bill Nemmers’ first novel, Crude, examined the political and financial absurdities of North Dakota’s recent oil drilling frenzy. This book, Mothers Hurling Bricks, examines a very different absurdity; the U.S. Army’s Cold War occupation of West Germany. The Heidelberg-based expatriate Czech rock band, The Mothers Hurling Bricks, honors the Prague women who, in a frustrated act of violence, hurled loosened paving bricks back at Soviet tanks which were rumbling through Prague’s streets on August 10, 1968. The author, a U.S. soldier in Heidelberg, knew the band members, and knew the band’s name honored all mothers—his own certainly included—who at times must need to hurl things at machines to protest the absurdity of modern mechanized warfare.

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