Mintwood Place

Published Date: April 14, 2015

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"This is the not the kind of book I usually read. I'm partial to high intensity thrillers but Gilbert struck a nerve with me...  The book was well written, thoughtfully written, in fact. Lots of dialogue which was well done without being distracting. Every once is a while the author's knowledge of history and book smarts come through without being annoying."

"An exciting new voice in suspense."


Bob Gilbert’s novel Mintwood Place is a delightfully fresh version of the noir tradition, offering the reader a contemporary Cassablanca in Washington D.C. The book’s narrator, Renaissance man Joe Green, has plenty to say about love, politics and the male psyche in this page-turning romantic suspense. 

Joe runs a bookstore and a bistro, and painfully navigates a modern divorce while the Senate Intelligence Committee investigates his relationship with Cosmo, a protégé, who has recently been paroled after serving five years in prison for the ambiguous killing of a local black youth. Green, a proud Jersey boy, can all at once relax by watching his tortoises, hand out liberal advice to his three teenagers, and pack serious heat. He is a twenty-first century American male if ever there was one.

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