Magel’s Ghost

Published Date: August 1, 2014

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"Recommended for adults who enjoy paranormal romance tinged with insanity.”

"A different twist on paranormal romance! MAGEL'S GHOST has romance, magical realism, a bit of insanity, ghosts, intrigue, and a bit of humor."


Nancy Baker’s sequel to Magel’s Daughter continues the story of Karin Brix as she relocates from the Fargo territory of Northern Minnesota to Minneapolis.

Karin’s mother, Magel, has joined the hallucinatory gathering of argumentative ancestors who continue to harass Karin from beyond the grave.

Hagan, Karin’s good-natured but demented cousin, assists in her quest for power in the art community: his role is to dispose of any real or imaginary enemies using his expertise as a master butcher and sausage maker. Responsibility for maintaining the purity of the family’s Norwegian genealogy depends on these skills.

The colorful characters caught in Karin’s web include the grandfather, father and son of a wealthy Minneapolis family. Karin is at once the ultimate male fantasy and lover to all three of these men, and the ripple effect of her destructive psychosis is hilarious.

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