Literary Agents

Literary Agents

Earning revenues from your amazing unsold books

As the old established methods of introducing new authors to the public break down and there is less money and opportunity in the publishing world, Calumet Editions has developed a method we call New Wave Publishing, wherein we contract partnerships with authors and help develop them as name brands in order to sell more books. This is not traditional publishing and neither is it self-publishing. The Calumet imprints are selective about what we include in our lists. With the help of hard working authors we expect to sell books, so will not be acquiring properties which we feel are not commercially viable.

With sufficient investment from the author, we will share costs and profits up to 50% all through the process. This means we will not be paying advances to authors, and literary agents will not be able to gain commission with us in the old way. However, agents can be included in the contract with their authors for a portion of the 50% royalty structure in return for successfully pitching the book to Calumet Editions. If there is no investment from the author and Calumet decides to publish the book, a royalty of 25-35% may be possible.

Presently, we are willing to look at those fabulous books that you felt sure you could sell, but which just don’t get picked up. You all have dozens of these. We would like to give your judgment a chance to shine. We in most cases need an investment of $1K to $5K depending on requirements to equal our expertise and labor in getting the book into POD and eBook formats, develop the product and introduce the author to the huge world of social media. If significant print runs are needed in the case of title experiencing a break out success, costs between author and publisher will be shared.

This is a second line of opportunity for the great writers who for reasons that are often not rational have been rejected by traditional publishers.

You can talk to us further about this anytime, or meet with us at the up-coming AWP, London Book Fair and BEA.