Our Jewish Robot Future

Published Date: February 19, 2016

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Meet the Haralsons—retired, eccentric, always discontented. Margarita, the post-menopausal narrator, wants a baby, while her heroic husband Alex is obsessed with finding the missing 11th commandment. Perhaps conjured from their obsessions, arrives John Chapman, a Max Headroom type cyborg from the distant future, begging the Haralsons to save his race of Jewish robots from extinction. The result is a mad escapade through time and space to Airets, Earth’s mirror planet. Prepare for the many antics of the libidinous Margarita as she does battle with gossips, hypocrites and her double-dealing electronic progeny.

Readers won’t nosh on this inspired novel, but wolf it down in one or two helpings.

–Neal Karlen, author of the The Story of Yiddish

Sit, relax, bite into this genre-binding, spicy stew of a novel. Borman skillfully blends space travel, Bible studies, robotics, and senior citizen sex ionto a delicious and thought-provoking tsimmes.

–David Unowsky, bookseller

What can I say, it’s the definitive Jewish robot novel of our time! There are robots, There are Jews. There are Jewish robots. What more could you possibly want, you yold?

–Michael Rubens, author of The Sheriff of Yrnameer

…enjoy a romp through the universe, which covers the gamut of marital and existential questions, ones we all want to confront but just haven’t dared. the glossary alone is worth the price of the book.

Gary Rubin, editor and founder of Michigan Hot Apples


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