In Plain Sight

Published Date: May 19, 2017

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FBI Special Agent Jon Wells, a former US Army Intelligence Officer, who spent a career bringing down Islamic terrorists across the globe, is now in Minneapolis, home to the largest Somali community in America. Tensions rise when a Somali informant is brutally murdered, and nascent discoveries of Chinese cyber-espionage point to Minneapolis. Over-dependence on computers is the Achilles’ heel of modern business, and Wells uncovers a network of ISIS-inspired Somali gangs, bogus companies, and the Chinese cyber Army, who are probing America’s defenses in the first skirmishes of an electronic war.

Author Greg Gardner, a former naval officer with deep knowledge of military strategy and cyber warfare, brings home the reality of future dangers in this this international thriller, which spans Germany, France and China. In Plain Sight suggests that the US is at war and will be for the foreseeable future, and that a skillful enemy can attack from within, and may seek to destroy America without using conventional weaponry.

A well-written, taut cyber-thriller! Greg obviously knows this world well and it shows. It really gets one thinking about all the ways knowledgeable hackers can more than disrupt our lives…they could virtually destroy them! This novel is full of action, but it also presents strong characters and gives the reader a look inside the people that deal with these issues every day. Let’s hope we see more of Jon Wells on the bookshelves AND in cyberspace

Amazon Review: Amazon Customer

Excellent Novel! The author did a great job of developing a complex story line consisting of realistic and relatable details. It’s possible to see how some of the computer viruses, the credit card and identity skimming scenarios, and the terrorist overtones could actually happen. The CNN/60 Minutes/Fox News assessments of Chinese Government computer/cyber espionage echo the author’s understanding and description within the novel. It will be exciting to see where he goes next!

Amazon Review: JDM

Greg Gardner craftily weaves the story line through different time periods, characters, relationships of the characters, and geographical locations, all the while leaving the reader in suspense until the very end. The details and descriptions of the people and places added the extra touch to connect the reader to the events. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first of the Jon Wells series and eagerly await the next one!

Amazon Review: Amazon Customer

Really enjoyed this read from start to finish. It was a crazy story to follow and it really makes you think about how cyber crime could go down in todays world. The next book is in the works everyone should get a copy!

Amazon Review: Che’rante Mark

Greg weaves the right amount of detail, description and humor into a very intriguing story of cyber espionage. I look forward to the next one. Bonus: Had my book signed yesterday by the author in his hometown.

Amazon Review: Michael Ritland

Greg Gardner is an author to keep an eye out for. Is first novel is a captivating thriller about terrorist that live among us. I’m looking forward to his next novel.

Amazon Review: Richard

Jon Wells, FBI agent has just lost his friend Dom to a suspicious hit-and-run. Dom worked for a data center serving major corporations in many industries, and he had just insisted on meeting Jon to discuss a serious problem. Over-dependence on computers is the Achilles tendon of modern business and Jon uncovers a network of bad guys: Somali gangs, shell companies, and ultimately the Chinese Army, probing America’s defenses in the opening skirmishes of an electronic war.

Amazon Review: Karl Jorgenson

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