How to Be a Christian Psychic

Published Date: June 19, 2015

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"This book left me inspired and empowered. It is beautifully and lovingly written with much respect for the word of God. It gives those who have been quiet, a voice and permission to help and heal others without judgement or ridicule."

"For the Christian psychic, healer, medium, ghost hunter and more, this book will much needed resource on one’s shelf. It is full of discussions of relevant Bible verses as well as Lee’s extensive personal experiences in these areas. If you are an open-minded Christian, Lee’s witnessing of his faith is moving, and may even rekindle your own."

"This book starts a long-overdue conversation using analytical information and insights that makes it easy to refer back to specific topics of concern. I purchased the Kindle version immediately, but also plan to purchase the print version as soon as it is released so that I can easily refer back to dog-eared pages and highlighted text in future conversations."

"This book takes head-on the arguments of Christian fundamentalists that using psychic gifts is diabolical in nature. It debunks these arguments nicely, using their own language. It presents a great Bible study on the use of gifts. I think it would make a great study guide for Christian small groups open to considering and using gifts of the spirit."

" I wish everyone would read this book-- whether you have psychic gifts or not, it is an amazingly well written book that brings clarity and understanding to the Biblical passages that "seem" contradictory to being psychic & a Christian!!"


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