Hassie Calhoun (A Las Vegas Novel of Innocence)

Published Date: March 16, 2016

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Lovely and talented Hassie Calhoun arrives in Las Vegas to make it as a singer. Her beauty immediately opens doors at the Sands Hotel, but that same beauty draws her into a dangerous relationship with her brooding lover, Jake, and attracts the attention of the powerful Frank Sinatra. Like the goddess Persephone, Hassie finds herself torn between the darkness and the light the two men offer. Jake is her personal Hades, whose love borders on obsession, and Hassie’s innocence keeps her from recognizing the dangers that she invites.

With her innocence and identity on the line, the road to stardom puts Hassie in several compromising situations. Author Cory offers a deceptively sophisticated look into the life of an ambitious young woman during the era of the Rat Pack, whose very passions impede her dreams in a way that many women could secretly relate to.

Pamela Cory is an amazing author who cleverly weaves the story of Hassie Calhoun. Pamela’s descriptive style clearly paints a picture of each character, making them so real to the reader. At times, I found myself scratching my head at Hassie’s behavior, but it served to make me curious about her next moves, thus making this book a real page turner.

Sandra, Amazon Reviewer

Pamela Cory has taken the traditional story of Beauty and the Beast (or, in this case, several beasts – Hassie meets quite a few of them) and given it some interesting new twists. Hassie is a heroine who makes lots of mistakes and endears herself to the reader as she muddles through life. There’s plenty of background material about Las Vegas in the Sixties, and this adds depth and richness to the story. I felt I was there, with Hassie, as she sang for Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack.

Lally, Amazon Reviewer

This would be a great choice for book clubbers, who could spend an evening wrestling with an age-old question: why do women who should know better keep coming back to men who treat them so badly?

Nancy Stancill, Amazon Reviewer

I absolutely loved this book! A gossipy, dynamic, page-turning story of an innocent girl falling prey to the temptations of Rat Pack-era Vegas, this is simultaneously a romp, a romance, a coming-of-age adventure and a cautionary tale.

Alun Hood, Amazon Reviewer

Hassie Calhoun thrusts you right in the midst of a fascinating and exciting era and setting in American culture that is sometimes forgotten in the present day. It is a fast paced, entertaining drama in the city of sin with a frustrating and self-destructive, yet exciting and likeable heroine who has taken a dive into a dangerous world that is way over her head. The book transported me back to a nostalgic time when Frank Sinatra was king, a unique and original setting that you do not often see in modern novels.

David Harris, Amazon Reviewer

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