Fur Bearers

Published Date: September 1, 2014

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“HAIR-RAISING, SPINE-TINGLING FUN! An exciting introduction to life in the pack! I was captivated from the beginning by this very well thought out and imaginative romp through the city streets and the North woods of Minnesota. . . . I highly recommend John Fort's lively take on the werewolf story. No silver bullets here, but definitely 5 stars!"

“What a fun adventure and a wild ride! My emotions had me changing sides from sympathy toward the human race to cheering for the werewolves. I look forward to a sequel!”

“A very fast-moving read and hard to put down. From beginning to end, it is very well written. I loved the ending. Looking forward to a sequel book if there is one.”

“John Fort is a master of words. The first descriptive paragraph drew me into the book and started that ‘video’ in my head going. The way the story was wrapped around the characters kept it moving, informative, interesting, and a bit scary at times! I have never read a “werewolf” story before . . . and after reading this one, I must say I hope they are not real and IF they are, I hope they stay in Montana!”

“A well-written thriller. John Fort does an excellent job developing his characters. This is one you won't want to end.”

“I've read some of the other reviews and my personal opinions echo the positive comments regarding plot, character, setting, etc. The anecdotal piece I wish to add comes from my experiences working with teen and pre-teen boys. I purchased an earlier printing and encouraged several of these macho gentlemen to give it a try. One after another of these "guys that hate reading" could not put it down. This is not a ‘hunky’ read reminiscent of so many recent movies. It is a true adventure/thriller that kept them turning pages and talking about it later. (By the way, my 11 year old daughter liked it, too!)"


John Fort’s horror debut is a chilling contemporary take on the werewolf legend.

Set in the Midwest, two clans of city-bred werewolves are embattled in a bloody war. Their existence had been kept secret for centuries, even during their frenzied feeding once every five years. But now, their species is threatened by an escalating series of clan battles and the carnage that follows. Humans are about to discover the gruesome truth—that werewolves live among them—and they are hungry.

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