Fatal Remedy

Published Date: October 21, 2014

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“A MUST READ. A suspenseful book with a great plot.”

“Truly amazing. Great plot that deals with the ethical problems in the current medical and pharmaceutical industry. I couldn't put it down.”

Amazon Reader Review

“I absolutely loved this book--couldn't put it down until I finished it. She kept me in suspense from beginning to end. . . . Great writing, great story, and great job in bringing what is a big flaw in society out into the open.”

“THUMBS UP FOR A GRIPPING MYSTERY! Readers will enjoy the many sub-plots and twists in this engaging read.”

“THIS WOMAN CAN WRITE. I urge anyone interested in contemporary dramatic literature to purchase this book. You won't be disappointed.”


New York Times bestselling author Antonia Felix spins a tale of murder and corruption on the dark edges of psychiatry and Big Pharma in this fact-based thriller.

When Minneapolis sports psychologist Anthony Robson refers his wife to a psychiatrist for a prescription, he believes he’s putting her in the hands of a trusted colleague. But when she becomes Dr. Clayton Shepherd’s latest conquest, Anthony’s life and family are blown apart. As he plunges into a breakneck mission to shut down a sexual predator, Anthony teams up with state medical board investigator and military medical tech Camilla Black to uncover the string of suicides, broken lives, and crimes strewn in the psychiatrist’s wake. Along the way, Anthony and Camilla discover that they’re not alone in a race to strip the psychiatrist of his license to kill.

A thriller inspired by the controversy over anti-depressant drug therapies for children, ethical and criminal issues in psychiatry, and the power of Big Pharma, FATAL REMEDY is a chilling journey into the darkest corners of modern medicine.

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