Deeper and Deeper

Published Date: August 1, 2014

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“A PAGE TURNER with lots of twists and turns . . . filled with interesting, well-thought out characters and historical backgrounds.”

“Couldn’t put it down . . . Lindberg wastes no time getting you on the edge of your seat with grit and action.”

“A PARANORMAL THRILL RIDE: Once again, Gary Lindberg has woven a thrilling tale that challenges our notions of the universe while keeping us on the edge of our seats. A very enjoyable read.”

“ANOTHER GREAT THRILLER FROM LINDBERG . . . couldn’t put it down.”

“A thoroughly satisfying paranormal thriller. This book will take you to many unexpected places, with plot twists that will make your head spin.”

“A MESMERIZING TALE!  A great, mystifying, action-packed read from the first page to the surprising conclusion.”

“Literally, this is a story 3,000 years in the making, yet it mostly takes place in the twenty-first century. . . You’ll just have to read this stunning thriller to understand. I’m dazzled. Highly recommended.”

“Lindberg's vivid descriptions of characters, places, and events will keep the reader fully absorbed . . . a fast moving, thought provoking and intriguing novel!”


After he died, Jamie just wasn’t himself.

While pursuing gangbangers, Jamie Giles’ squad car veered off the road, killing him. But then something odd happened. He came back to life. Now he has a relationship problem—with a sinister presence that is inhabiting his body. Hidden deep inside his consciousness are secrets that are taking over his life and attracting the wrong kind of company. He has only a few days left to get to the bottom of it. He’ll have to go deeper and deeper to figure it out. Trouble is, the only solution may for him to die again.

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