Dark Alleys

Published Date: July 5, 2014

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"I read a lot of mysteries and this is one of the best I have had the pleasure of reading in the last several years."

"I loved this book!! I did not want to put the book down. Just when I thought I know what was going to happen...nope, another twist!!"

" I picked up this book at 9pm on Friday night and didn't put it down til I finished it at 4am Saturday morning."

"One of the best summer/vacation/beach reads I've ever experienced. Turned the page so hard I almost ripped them, so this time I got the Kindle edition."

"Along with a clear drama thread throughout, the author weaves in humor, sorrow, romance and other emotions that blend into a deliciously-cooked storyline."



History is being repeated as women are being murdered in the streets of Chicago. Spencer Manning is drawn into the middle of it by a friend who asks for a simple favor. But the favor isn’t so simple as Spencer encounters a night life filled with street walkers, a high-priced call girl, and a mysterious lady of the evening, all of whom lead him to murder and intrigue in the dark alleys of Chicago.

Everyone lies and everyone has something to hide. Spencer has to find the truth amongst the lies. A serial killer leaves behind clues but what do they mean? There’s something strange about the mysterious lady of the evening, but what is it? And is Charles as simple as he appears or is he a murderer?

The imagery of Chicago behind the lights is the backdrop as Spencer struggles to stop a serial killer and save an innocent man from prison.

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