How to Be a Christian Psychic

What the Bible says about Mediums, Healers and paranormal investigators

"Sometimes the physical and spiritual worlds intersect."

Do Your Psychic or Paranormal Experiences Disturb You or Make You Question Your Faith? 

Some Christians wrongly believe that psychic or paranormal experiences are incompatible with Christianity and threaten the person who experiences them.

Based on a handful of Biblical passages, many people incorrectly think that the Bible warns against such experiences, and about associating with those who share their psychic gifts. This confusion has persisted for centuries. 

False information has caused many Christians to deny their authentic spiritual experiences and shun the benefits of healing and insight offered to them by those with spiritual gifts.

In How to Be a Christian Psychic, author Adrian Lee begins by helping Christians comprehend the unique historical settings in which these Bible “warnings” were meant to apply. And he explains how numerous mistranslations of language have accumulated into “teachings” that are not Biblical at all!

Do you Fear Offering Your Psychic or Spiritual Gifts to Others?

Many Christians have gifts they are afraid of sharing. Do you have psychic insights about others or their loved ones? Do you have a healing touch or instincts? 

Even if you aren't aware of spiritual, psychic or healing abilities, you may possess gifts that could help others. Isn't it time to explore your spiritual side and develop your gifts?

Many Christians have been warned to stay away from people with psychic abilities, or to restrain their own gifts, because of erroneous interpretations of certain Bible verses. But once you learn the true meaning of these texts, you will understand how healing and psychic powers are spiritual in nature and can be used for the good of others. Even paranormal experiences, such as visitations by deceased love ones, are part of the vast and uplifting spiritual experience available to Christians. 

Rather than fear the spiritual gifts bestowed upon us, as Christians we can learn to embrace our gifts and put them to work for friends and family.

What does the Bible really say about psychics and healing?

How can you overcome fear of using your God-given psychic abilities?

How can you use your healing and psychic gifts to help family and friends?

This book left me inspired and empowered. It is beautifully and lovingly written with much respect for the word of God. It gives those who have been quiet, a voice and permission to help and heal others without judgement or ridicule. Very thought provoking and enlightening. I very highly recommend this exquisite piece of work.

Danielle Osgerby
Amazon review

It is impossible to be a Christian and not believe in the spirit world.

How to Be a Christian Psychic clears up the confusion that surrounds the connection between religion and psychic phenomena. Once you understand how experiences of the spirit world are actually the work of the Lord, you can use your gifts without fear or guilt. Exploring this realm will not make you a heathen or stop you from feeling God's Embrace.

Ghosts or apparitions are a common phenomenon affirmed in the Bible. After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to many people. In Luke 24:39, He is quoted as saying: "Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have."

Angels are also part of the spirit world and occasionally appear to humankind to do God's bidding. You may remember the Bible's Christmas story about the shepherds who were attending their sheep at night. Luke 2:9-10 says, "An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid."

What better words can there be to lose our fear of the spirit world. In How to Be a Christian Psychic, author Adrian Lee describes a personal angel experience that changed his life. Perhaps you have had similar experiences.

  • We are spiritual beings having a physical existence. Almost everyone has had a spiritual or psychic experience, so you are not alone.
  • The Bible does not warn against psychics or healers. Read in context, all the common Biblical condemnations, which unfortunately mask the true meanings of these texts, can be easily dismissed.
  • God wants us to use our gifts to help others. The bible repeatedly demonstrates this simple truth with stories and direct language.

A Practical Guide to Nurturing your Gifts and Using Them Safely

Now, in one readable volume, author Adrian Lee whisks away fear and presents a practical how-to guide for using your psychic and healing gifts. Many people have been educated and moved by this powerful book.

If I hadn't had to go to work I would have read this entire book in one day! Alas, it did take me three days to read it. I have learned so much, and am not afraid anymore of the changes that I'm going through.

Lesley Holland
Amazon review

It presents a great Bible study on the use of gifts. I think it would make a great study guide for Christian small groups open to considering and using gifts of the spirit.

Craig Lang
Amazon review

This book opened my eyes to what I always knew deep within my soul. That you can be psychic and Christian! The author writes in a way that helps you understand in layman terms how the Bible lays it all out. If I could give this writer 1,000 stars I would, because I've waited all my life for someone to write a book explaining this to me.

Lavonda Kaye Causey
Amazon review

How to Be a Christian Psychic

Paperback and Kindle available now on Amazon

Here are just a few of the invaluable insights you will gain from How to Be a Christian Psychic.

  • Why some Christians are "blind to the Gospel".when considering psychic and healing gifts.
  • What the Bible really says about mediums, healers and paranormal investigators.
  • How talking to spirits through psychic means is part of God's plan.
  • Ghosts and hauntings — are they a reality or just a pagan myth?
  • Prophets and psychics — what is the difference?
  • How to pray and what to pray for in the context of being a psychic and healer.
  • How meditation works to heighten your powers and prepare you for psychic and healing work.
  • How to protect yourself and remove dark energies from interfering with your work.
  • Healing others — how each of us has the power to heal in God's name.
  • Stones and crystals — why and how they are useful in healing.

See what some other readers have to say:

For the Christian psychic, healer, medium, ghost hunter and more, this book will be a much needed resource on one’s shelf. It is full of discussions of relevant Bible verses as well as Lee’s extensive personal experiences in these areas. If you are an open-minded Christian, Lee’s witnessing of his faith is moving, and may even rekindle your own.

Kathleen Marie Blixrud
Amazon review

A passionately written, thought-provoking book for both the believer and the skeptic.

Amazon review

Get the Book Now!

Paperback and Kindle available now on Amazon

Kindle just $4.99

Paperback only $16.99

Why Should I Trust This Author?

A lifelong Christian, Adrian Lee is also a working historian, the founder of the International Paranormal Society, and a member of the Luton Paranormal Society in England. He has comprehensively investigated ghosts and paranormal activity all over the globe as well as studied the history and theology of Christianity.

In numerous cases, Adrian has interviewed long-dead individuals and turned up previously unknown information that was later verified by further research.

The author's devout faith, blended with his extraordinary paranormal experiences, led him to research and draft a book that documents clearly how the Bible has often been misinterpreted when it comes to psychic and paranormal activity. This book is How to Be a Christian Psychic.

Scriptural Evidence, Scrupulous Research,
and Real-World Experience

Everything in this book is based on scriptural evidence, scrupulous historical research, and Mr. Lee's practical experience in healing and investigating paranormal activity.

There is perhaps no other book available today that merges all of these elements into one readable text that presents the largely untold story of how God often communicates with humankind through paranormal means... and how often humans fail to listen.​

Adrian Lee has been an author I've enjoyed reading because his information is so solidly based on fact. He has taken some of the biggest criticisms and questions frequently posed to those working in the paranormal field and supplied irrefutable Biblical scriptures that support their work. This book not only brings readers closer to their faith, but also reassures them that the efforts they are making are not frowned upon by religion — in fact, they are encouraged and embraced by the Lord. This truly is an inspiring book!

Sarah Hyatt
Amazon review

Embrace Your God-Given Gifts!

Paperback and Kindle available now on Amazon

Kindle just $4.99

Paperback only $16.99

As if speaking about Christians who condemn psychics or healers, Jesus addresses common beliefs among the Sadducees in Matthew 22:29:

"Jesus replied , 'You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.​'"

Once again, it seems, the record must be set straight—this time about the use of spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

P.S.:  This book is for you if you've had psychic experiences you don't like to talk about. Or if you have the gift of healing but don't know how to use it. Or if you have fears about unexplained paranormal "events" in your life. Don't be afraid. Learn how to lose your fears and use your gifts. Get How to Be a Christian Psychic now and find your answers.

Can you be a true Christian and have psychic or healing abilities? Check out "How to Be a Christian Psychic".

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