Chief Among Sinners

Published Date: January 15, 2015

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"This book was a compelling read. I just had to know the conclusion!"

"Although it deals with very dark disturbing behavior, I found the main characters very likable and well as believable. I love suspense/ murder mysteries and I wasn't disappointed by this book."


The Mutilated animal left on the steps of Terry O’Reilly’s church didn’t scare the priest.

But as he continues to receive gifts of dead animals, each more gruesome than the last, he wonders what message they are meant to communicate. The dark secret he uncovers leads to the story of unspeakable acts that have been haunting the small time of Oakton. for years. As the town’s residents confide in Father Terry about their involvement in the deepening mystery, he’s not sure where his duty lies—to stop another parishioner from being harmed, or to keep his growing knowledge of great sins and terrible crimes in the strictest confidence.

As a man sworn to preserve the secrets of others, find the proper balance may very well destroy him.

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