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Published Date: October 1, 2014

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While trying to deal with the deaths of his parents, Spencer Manning takes on his first case…finding the unknown father of a little girl whose mother has died. But the case changes when Spencer discovers the mother was murdered. The list of suspects starts with the girl’s uncle and the mayor of Chicago and grows from there. As Spencer follows the clues, he wonders if his case is connected to a Chicagoland racetrack where his father had been investigating a drug ring.

The list of questions grows along with the list of suspects: what is the uncle hiding?…why isn’t the mayor telling the whole story?…and does what is going on at the racetrack have anything to do with the little girl?

With the help of a prostitute, a beautiful girl with a red Porsche, and his police friends, Spencer slowly pieces together the puzzle. But when he finally discovers the truth, what will he do with it?

With a colorful cast of characters and some Chicago history, this first book in the Spencer Manning Mystery series will take you on an entertaining ride through Chicago neighborhoods where seedy characters and the blues live side by side.

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