Boundaries Without: Calumet Editions 2017 Anthology of Speculative Fiction

Published Date: November 1, 2016

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Edited by Cynthia Kraack and Steve McEllistrem

A collection of stories by award-winning and best-selling authors like Lyda Morehouse (“Every Thing in Its Place”), Cynthia Kraack (“Refugee in Paris”) and Nancy Holder (“Shift”), Boundaries Without takes you on a journey to strange places, odd characters and unsettled times. From jellyfish treatments (“The Last Choice”) to UFOs (“Unpleasantness at 20,000 Feet”), from flying bears (“American Skin”) to behavior modification (“Impulse Control”), from a devastating future (“We Are Still Feeling”) to a world outside our concept of time (“A Tasty Harvest for King Claudius”), these tales offer possibilities that range from the unexplainable to the frightful. Turn on the light and settle back for a journey into the unknown.

Stories and Authors

  1. An Inconspicuous Ring  (G. Bernhard Smith)
  2. Impulse Control  (CM Kerley)
  3. Refugee in Paris   (Cynthia Kraack)
  4. We Are Still Feeling  (Karen Bovenmyer)
  5. Unpleasantness at 20,000 Feet  (Terry Faust)
  6. Every Thing in Its Place  (Lyda Morehouse )
  7. The Last Choice  (Steve McEllistrem)
  8. Divination by Water  (Pedro Ponce)
  9. Graceland   (Rick Polad)
  10. Sara  (Carolyn Killion 
  11. The Exclusive, True History of Dick Cheney, George W. Bush and the Secret Neocon Plan to Get into Heaven  (Roger Barr)
  12. Monkey Man  (Charley B. Murphy)
  13. A Tasty Harvest for King Claudius  (Bill Nemmers )
  14. Sprawled  (David Culberson)
  15. American Skin  (Ian Graham Leask)
  16. Shift  (Nancy Holder)

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