The Man Who Found His Moniker

THE UNNAMED MAN WALKS city streets, haunted by visions he doesn’t understand, tortured by a tragic past, seeking redemption despite questioning whether he deserves it. His visions imply that violence is coming, a horror that he must prevent from occurring. Yet, try as he might, he can’t quite grasp what that event might be. Read More…


Our Jewish Robot future

Meet the Haralsons—retired, eccentric, always discontented. Margarita, the post-menopausal narrator, wants a baby, while her heroic husband Alex is obsessed with finding the missing 11th commandment. Perhaps conjured from their obsessions, arrives John Chapman, a Max Headroom type cyborg from the distant future, begging the Haralsons to save his race of Jewish robots from extinction. Read More…


The Devereaux Decision

The Devereaux Decision is the exciting third book in the Susquehanna Virus Series.
A group of fanatics has created a virus that could wipe out humanity. Retired secret agent Jeremiah Jones and the reformed cadets Curtik and Zora, who almost destroyed the world while under a compulsion, somehow have to stop the terrorists before the virus reaches a tipping point. Read More…


The Devereaux Deity

The terrorists who created the Susquehanna Virus have been stopped and the planet is safe once again, or is it? The effects of the virus linger, creating questions about whether all of humanity will be infected. Plus, an entity claiming to be God has hacked into multiple computers and performed miracles that have no reasonable explanation other than that a deity has come to Earth. Read More…


The Devereaux Dilemma

Jeremiah Jones, a recent widower whose son has been kidnapped, is also a secret agent who has been sent by President Angelica Hope to track down Walt Devereaux, a brilliant scientist and former Secretary General of the United Nations. Read More…


The Devereaux Disaster

When retired secret agent Jeremiah Jones travels to the Moon with his former enemy, Elite Ops trooper Jack Marschenko, to find his abducted son, Joshua, the mission goes haywire almost immediately. Read More…


Boundaries Without: Calumet Editions 2017 Anthology of Speculative Fiction

Edited by Cynthia Kraack and Steve McEllistrem
A collection of stories by award-winning and best-selling authors like Lyda Morehouse (“Every Thing in Its Place”), Cynthia Kraack (“Refugee in Paris”) and Nancy Holder (“Shift”), Boundaries Without takes you on a journey to strange places, odd characters and unsettled times. Read More…