Beneath the Rock

Published Date: January 12, 2015

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"Fantastic novel. I haven't finished it yet, but I am near the end and I know it will have a very good ending. I had to force myself to put it down last night at 5AM cause I wanted to let it sink in and "give it a longer life". It's a book that will force you to think and wonder if you are on the right track as you read on."

" The first six chapters were very intense. I was worried that there is no way the rest of the book could keep up this pace. I was wrong. The way this book pulls you into the characters story lines is amazing."

"This is the story of the secrets held from times at war, and the serpentine route it takes, with it's demonic secrets, that destroy lives, even we when the wars have ended ... And at it's center is a vastly moving story of guilt, love & redemption."

"The reader is compelled by an unpredictable plot, while experiencing the raw emotions and life-changing choices of characters battered by war and overwhelming odds."


In this unique novel, Tommy Birk evokes the anguish of combat veterans who leave their wars but whose wars don’t leave them.

The thriller explores their helplessness to stop the strange osmotic process by which their pain passes on to their families. In this passionate and powerful story, Ernie and Gunny Balbach, who had fought on opposite sides during WW2, are now jointed by Ernie’s son, Timmy – an equally damaged veteran of the still-in-progress Vietnam War – and live as outcasts at Piankashaw Rock, where they feel safe in the company of other misfits.

Ernie and Gunny, sustained by the women who love them, and Timmy, in love with the beautiful but conflicted Maria, all prodded by a mystic priest with his own dark secrets, come to realize they and their families will escape the vicious circles of history and find redemption only when they take on and defeat the evil that haunts them.

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