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Bruce Rubenstein has published hundreds of true crime stories in weeklies and monthly magazines, including Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. In 1991 he received the Chicago Bar Association’s Herman Kogan Media Award for his Chicago Magazine article about the conviction of four Mexican immigrants for a quadruple homicide that they did not commit. They were serving the twelfth year of their sentences of life without the possibility of parole when his article came out. As a result of his piece, the governor of Illinois pardoned them.

Bruce’s awards include the Minnesota State Arts Council award for fiction, and he is a Shamus Award nominee. His previous books are Greed, Rage, and Love Gone Wrong, a crime stories anthology published by the University of Minnesota Press (2004), and The Rockwell Heist, the story of a notorious art theft, published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press (2013).

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Smoke Got in My Eyes 

The Family That Couldn’t Sleep
at Night (True Crime)


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