Alterio’s Motive

Published Date: September 1, 2016

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El Simpatico likes to feed people to the sharks. His next favorite activity is to launder the hundreds of millions of dollars he hauls in every year from his drug and human trafficking business. Recently, though, cleaning money has become increasingly difficult. But he’s found a way…

Alterio Delgado, an unscrupulous man with mesmerizing charm, has been spending a lot of time on a beautiful, unspoiled island off Mexico’s Caribbean Coast, dangling the notion that it should be developed into a new tourist destination—the next Cancun. The island residents who control the island are poor but happy fishermen, descendents of pirates who settled it more than a century ago. They’ve embraced Alterio’s promise of finding billions of dollars to develop the island; not fully understanding that mass tourism development would irreversibly change their island and destroy their culture.

What Alterio doesn’t know is that El Simpatico has been secretly cultivating this opportunity for years and is determined to be the clandestine developer of Mexico’s next major tourist destination—whatever the cost.

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