Advance Man

Published Date: January 9, 2015

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A political adventure set in the early days of the 2008 Democratic primary season, ADVANCE MAN is an insider’s look behind the scenes of an Advance operation that creates and controls the media image of a presidential candidate.

This novel is the story of presidential Advance as seen through the eyes of a veteran of the political wars–the Senior National Advance Lead, Bix. Welcome to Bix’s world–his eleventh presidential campaign and the longest of his career. There is nothing special about the Advance trip: Bix has two days to produce a 35,000-person rally, major endorsement event, and a surprise “OTR” especially for local media, plus track down the co-author of a reportedly scandalous article that could end the presidential candidate’s chances, and fend off a conservative talk show host’s army of investigators, producers and internet hackers intent on finding, or creating, that scandal. And Bix must carefully avoid the pack of vicious Chihuahuas nipping at his heels from positions of authority in his own campaign headquarters and the local Field office.

It’s just another half week in the life of the Lead Advance.

“This humorous account of 72 hours in the life of a presidential campaign may be a more detailed inside account than any documentary you might see. The author spent years as a political “Advance Man” and undoubtedly knows his stuff. The most entertainment I’ve had in years!”

“Advance Man reads like M*A*S*H in politics. It’s a detailed and astonishing account of a fictional presidential campaign that I would guess may not be all that fictional. At times I literally laughed out loud while groaning at the dysfunction and buffoonery of politics.”

“NAILED IT. PLUS SECRET SAUCE. A peek behind the Oz curtain of an election campaign and one of the best books for political junkies this year.”

“SHOULD BE A MOVIE: If you want to learn what really goes on before a politician walks on stage, let Steve Jacques’ book take you there.”

“This funny, riveting and engaging political thriller by Democratic advance legend Steven Jacques is both a great read and a terrific look inside the often cloaked field of presidential advance. . . . This book should appeal to readers that have watched political candidates and events from afar as well as veteran campaign junkies and operatives. The story is fast-moving, the characters engaging and the writing light and witty.”

“MUST READ: Jacques has captured a world that is largely hidden in plain sight. A great and entertaining read.”

“Advance Man is political thriller, documentary, and wry comedy braided together in a really fun read. . . . Book junkie, political junkie, laughter junkie – you’re all gonna love this book.”

“This is a dangerous book. I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. I embarrassed myself in the airport lounge with loud guffaws and I was laughing as I went through TSA. Beware where you read it! Having worked abroad for the State Department, I know from White House advance trips. What may look spontaneous to TV viewers isn’t. Every event the President holds or attends is choreographed to the minute and millimeter. If you like absurd situations a la Carl Hiaasen, you will enjoy this book. It is fast-paced fun from start to finish with snappy dialogue and enough one-liners for a year of late night comedy. I am desperate for the sequel and movie.”

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