Calumet Editions LLC was founded by Ian Graham Leask and Gary L. Lindberg, two long-time lovers of great writing, in response to the recent economic and digital transformations in the publishing industry.

Gary launched Calumet in 2009 as a tool to publish his own writing after suffering the chaos and irrational gate-keeping present in the traditional publishing system. He focused his research expertise on learning the details of online marketing and devised innovations for successfully promoting Ebooks. Soon he started bringing a few others into his group of authors, and in the process sold a lot of books.

When Gary met Ian, an experienced publisher, literary consultant, and writer, he immediately discovered a fellow traveler. Together they saw opportunities for writers and a new kind of publishing entity, and fused their operations into Calumet Editions—a new kind of publishing company dedicated to the development and success (both artistic and financial) of authors.

Publishing has entered a new era, and Calumet Editions is an author-focused publisher on the leading edge of these changes. We seek authors who want to develop a strong presence in publishing and are willing to work hard to achieve that goal by author branding. We are not as interested in the single, seasonally published new book as in an author’s life work. We believe a book should be alive forever, not outdated once the next publishing season rolls around. We find the old model — acquisition, print, distribute, sell, return unsold copies, remainder, pulp, put the book out-of-print — disastrously unhelpful for authors; thus, in our new publishing model we seek authors who are willing to fully partner with us for shared risk and shared success.

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